The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking 


1.  Speech Structure Kyle will show you 3 safe & effective ways you can structure your presentations which your audience will follow, find entertaining & take action from.


2. Body language – After identifying what non-confident & confident speakers look like, Kyle will help YOU look & feel confident while presenting in public. 


3. VoiceOur voice is the most powerful tool in public speaking, and Kyle will show you how to maximise this amazing tool so that your presentation is engaging, exciting & evokes powerful emotions.


4. ClarityThe fastest way to lose an audience is by confusing them. Kyle will show you 3 simply ways you can achieve crystal clear clarity in any presentation.


5. Impact Finally, Kyle will conclude by showing you how to truly impact your audience so that you create an unforgettable experience which drives people to take action.


Who is this event for: If you’re a business owner, coach or want to develop effective public speaking skills – this event is for you! 


What you will need: A pen, paper & lots of enthusiasm  

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