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If you are looking for a keynote speaker who is loud, full of inspirational over-told stories, and keeps to the status quo, Kyle is NOT the speaker for your conference!


However, if you are looking for a speaker who has high-energy, motivates the room and leaves delegates with valuable, practical, information which they can use the very NEXT day... 

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Kyle can deliver two unique keynotes at your upcoming conference:

The 5 Pillars

of Effective Public Speaking 


to Build Your 


Keynotes which have Impact! 

The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking 

In public speaking, there are five key skills which distinctly separate poor speakers from great ones... 


Speech structure, body language, voice, clarity and impact are these five key skills - they provide a strong foundation which can take your delgates' presentations to the next level! 


In this highly interactive keynote, Kyle will share the secret to mastering each of these 5 pillars, in turn helping delegates deliver high quality presentations which guarantee high quality results.



Present to Build Your Confidence  

 Imagine you're delivering a VERY important presentation. 

The audience is waiting, you're on the stage, the host gives you the nod, it's time to begin...

Most people would find the above scenario absolutely terrifying (Kyle certain did, at first) but there is an opportunity to flip such situations to your advantage...

In this keynote, Kyle with show your delegates how to use these high pressure situations to strategically build their confidence. This will help them overcome the 'fear', present with conviction and achieve greater business results.


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