Kyle's Story 

'Public Speaking Quite Simply Changed My Life!'

How Kyle Got Started

Born and raised in Aberdeen in Scotland, Confidence by Design founder Kyle Murtagh is using his real-life experience to help transform the confidence and public speaking skills of other business professionals.

While studying Psychology at the University of Strathclyde, Kyle hit something of a crossroads in his life and began asking himself the question that so many students face – what comes next?

With no real plan, Kyle began to throw himself into a variety of vocations to try and find his perfect fit. In the process, he stumbled across the Glasgow Speaker’s Club. Curiosity piqued after gaining an interest in motivational speakers online. He went along to his first meeting, full of hope that this would be the path he was seeking.…Except, it didn’t quite come as naturally as he wanted it to. The first time Kyle spoke at the club was on the very first night – palms sweating, voice faltering, it wasn’t the shining debut he had hoped for. But, the adrenaline he felt while he was in front of all those people stayed with him.

So he kept going back, getting gradually better each time, and spent his spare time watching other speakers to glean tips and tricks to improve even further.

Fast forward three years, and Kyle is one of Scotland’s most exciting public speakers. Having become a national public speaking champion, run workshops for universities and companies around Scotland and even his own sell-out events, it is safe to say that Kyle has answered that question he asked at university.

Kyle passionately believes he can help anyone struggling with their public speaking skills precisely due to his own journey. He got where he is due to determination, hard work and time – as a result, he can provide you with the tools to make long-lasting changes to your presentations, and indeed your overall confidence.




What Kyle Does Now

If you are interested in quick fixes – one-stop shops for psychological short cuts – then Kyle’s training is NOT for you. Kyle doesn’t believe in short-term fixes – after he works with you, if you apply what you learn over a long period of time, your mindset towards presentations and public speaking shift permanently.  

Everything Confidence by Design offers, from the bespoke workshops to the acclaimed ‘Public Speaking Masterclasses’ is done with you in mind. All Kyle will ask of you is that you invest your time and enthusiasm into these sessions. Regardless of how you work with Kyle – be it in a group or on an individual basis – you will learn how to present with confidence, hitting your business objectives every time.



Kyle's Future

Although he has numerous achievements under his belt in just a few short years, Kyle has no intention of slowly down. His goals for the future are ambitious – to become the World Champion of Public Speaking, to become a prominent and respected keynote speaker around the world, and to position ‘Confidence by Design’ as the best presentation skills company in the UK.

But most importantly, Kyle wants to continue to help professionals and individuals – just like you -  to improve their public speaking abilities, their confidence and ultimately their business prospects.

Achievements & Awards 

Won Over 10 Titles 

Kyle has achieved

1st place in over 10 different public speaking competitions.

Scottish National Champion 

In 2018 Kyle won the title of best 'speech evaluator' in Scotland. Providing exceptional feedback

Humours Speech Champ

Kyle become Glasgow's humours speech champion through using the power of 'funny' personal stories. 

Impromptu Speech Champion 

Kyle represented Scotland in the UK & Ireland Impromptu speech championships.

93% of ALL 


Rate Kyle's presentations 9/10 or above. This data is taking from audience feedback forms.

Want to work with Kyle? 

If you are serious about improving your presentations skills so that you start achieving quantifiable results - Kyle would love to hear from you!   

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​Tel: +(44)7972822248


Postal: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR