Kyle's Story 

Born and raised in Aberdeen (Scotland), Kyle is the founder of Confidence By Design and is living proof that becoming confident can completely change your life. 


In his early life - particularly in his teenage years - Kyle suffered from a debilitating lack of confidence and the anxiety that comes along with that. However, through aggressive learning and a commitment to searching for the answers to his problems, Kyle has transformed his life and has become one of Scotland's rising stars in public speaking. 


Kyle knows exactly how confidence can be gained and retained. But most importantly, he wants to use the skills he has learned to help you become the best version of yourself.


In just a few short months, Kyle has had the opportunity to teach the importance of self-confidence through public speaking. Kyle has hosted presentation skills workshops for multiple universities & companies, has trained & supported fantastic speakers, has held his own highly interactive and sought- after events and has become a national public speaking champion! 


This is only the beginning of what Kyle plans to achieve. His future plans are to continue to empower students and businesses through Confidence By Design, to become the World Champion of Public Speaking, and to continue learning and growing every single day.  

Achievements & Awards 

1st place in over 7 speaking competitions


Scotland's National Speech Champion 


Glasgow's Humorous Speech Champion


Glasgow's Impromptu Speech Champion



Psychology & HRM




Professional Speaker



How Kyle can Help You! 

Depending on your situation, Kyle can help you deliver exceptional presentations, improve your speaking confidence & gain more opportunities by: 


A: Delivering a bespoke presentation to your staff/students 


B: Inviting you to one of CBD's monthly training events 


C: Training you, personally, 1-2-1 



For more in-depth information on these services, please click the blue button below!    


​Tel: +(44)7972822248


Postal: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR