Take Your Presentations to the Next Level! 

The best speakers in the world have an amazing ability to make you laugh, learn, feel convinced & become inspired ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Such qualities are invaluable for business pitches & presentations, coaching workshops & networking events, & anytime you are asked to speak in front of an audience.

This unique, one-of-a-kind event, aims to help you learn these invaluable qualities; through a process of learning, from awarding winning speaker Kyle Murtagh, & performing, your own 5-7 minute speech created on the day which you will receive verbal and written feedback on.

Ultimately this event will allow you to:

1.   Present with greater confidence & presence

2.  Entertain & educate your audience effectively

3.  Become more convincing in your presentations

4.  Achieve business RESULTS through public speaking

What Do Attendees Say? 

Next Masterclass Workshop 

22rd of November

Virgin Money Lounge,

(10 am - 4pm)


​Tel: +(44)7972822248

Email: Kyle@confidencebydesign.co.uk

Postal: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR