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What Are You Interested In? 

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 In-person, detailed group programmes that help you make progress fast.

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 Online sessions that allow you to enhance your skills from your own home.

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The Masterclass Workshop 

Kyle's most popular CPD accredited course - The Public Speaking Masterclass - gives you the unique opportunity to enhance your skills through group learning and practice.


This workshop has truly changed people's lives.     

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What You Can Expect

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Interactive Presentation


 Focus on key public speaking skills that, without doubt, will take your presentations to the next level.

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Speaking Opportunity


 You will have an opportunity to deliver your business pitch/presentation in a safe environment with positive people.

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Feedback Report


Based on your pitch/presentation you will receive in-depth feedback. What you did well and where you can potentially improve. 

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Specialist Resources


 PDFs and Video tutorials teaching you key public speaking skills; from preparation to persuasion. You name it, we have it. 

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Video Footage


 You can choose to have your pitch professionally recorded. Afterwards you can use this footage on social media or your website.  

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1-2-1 Follow Up


A couple of weeks after the workshops you will have a follow-up session with Kyle. This will ensure you continue to make progress.

Quite simply The Public Speaking Masterclass is the fastest way to upgrade your current presentation skills. 

If you are a business owner, sales professional, or selling the invisible this course is your perfect fit.  

The workshop is held in 3 location each year:

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November 4th 2020

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November 11th 2020

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November 18th 2020

In order to ensure a high-quality experience for all attendees spaces will be limited to only 8 per workshop.

If you would like to enquire please click on the button below. 

Masterclass Price

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1 Full-Day Masterclass Sessions

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Speaking Opportunity

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Professional Video Footage

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Feedback Report

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Specific Specialist Resources

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1-2-1 Follow Up 


Attendee Video Testimonials 

Paul Gilmour

Mortgage and Protection Advisor

Emma Wolfe

Property Specialist Pillow Partners

Emmanuel Howell

Director at Energy How

If you have any questions about The Public Speaking Masterclass, Kyle would be delighted to help. 

Book a call by clicking the button below. 

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How It Works

Kyle's interactive webinars focus on the topic of 'Speaking to Camera'. 

These sessions equip you with the key skills to ace online presentations/meetings and teach you how to create compelling video content for your business.  

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The Speaking to Camera Course is made up of 3 distinct webinars. 

Part 1

The first webinar focuses on the fundamental skills of speaking to camera: overcoming the 'fear', audience engagement, and how to have an impact.

Building a solid base to get you started. 

Part 2

Diving deeper, the second Webinar looks into how to project confidence while also building trust and rapport with your online audience.

Furthermore, the topic of 'structure' is covered: whether that be for a 3-hour presentation or a 1-minute video. This webinar will set you up for success. 

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Part 3


A longer, exclusive experience that specifically focuses on helping you create compelling short-videos to market your business. 

Achieved through covering a combination of strategy and practice, this is a game-changer. 

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Included in Webinar 3

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Interactive Training


A fun, engaging online session which introduces you to different forms of video content and inspires you to create your own.

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Your Own Video


You will have the opportunity to create a short video, about your business, on the day. Recorded via Zoom, you can use this for marketing.   

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Video Editing Session


 Edward Joe, an accomplished videographer, will do a session on how to edit your videos effectively to make people click.

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1-2-1 Follow Up


 A couple of weeks after the webinar you will have a 30-minute follow-up with Kyle. This will ensure that you continue to progress.  

Due to how relevant this course is during the current crisis, Kyle has decided to significantly reduce the price to make it as accessible as possible. 


If you are a business owner, sales professional, or have a strong desire to market using video, this course will be perfect for you. 

Only 8 Spots Available! 

In order to ensure a high-quality experience for all attendees spaces will be limited for this course.

If you would like to secure your space click on the button below. 


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All 3 Webinars

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Interactive Presentation

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Your Own Video

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Video Editing Session

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1-2-1 Follow Up 


Client Testimonials 

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Kerstin Gruenling

Professional Photographer

I attended Kyle's on-line training "Speaking to Camera" yesterday and can throughly recommend it to anyone who is interested - or pushed in the current times - to record themselves on video.


Kyle was well prepared and kept the training interactive even while managing 40 attendees at once. The content was insightful, well put together and easy to digest. I took away a lot of learnings that will help to put theory in practise.

Phil Eldridge.jpg


Phil Eldridge

Expert Business Coach 

I have just attended Kyle’s webinar in speaking to camera with confidence. It was fantastic. It was well structured and well paced. Kyle was very engaging and showed expert knowledge of the subject matter.


The webinar provided excellent and insightful methods and tips with great examples for the participants to follow. Kyle clearly demonstrated the depth and breadth of his skills and experience in public speaking and presenting.

Anne MacIntosh.jpg


Anne MacIntosh

Business Gateway Advisor

I can't recommend Kyle highly enough. We'd booked Kyle to deliver a training event for us, but due to current conditions, we brought it forward and delivered it via Zoom. 


Despite the challenges of delivering this type of event on a virtual platform, Kyle was superb. He put everyone at ease, encouraged attendees to participate and gave lots of practical feedback to the group. I wouldn't have any hesitation in booking Kyle in the future to run a similar event,

If you have any questions about the webinars detailed above, Kyle would be delighted to help. 


Book a call by clicking the button below. 

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