1-2-1 Presentation Skills Training 

If you are looking for quick fixes, psychological shortcuts or short-term results, this training is NOT for you! 


However, if are looking to be empowered through learning key public speaking skills which, with personal work, will transform your speaking, confidence & business...


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How it Works

Kyle's training works best by basing each session around the presentations you are currently doing...


In person, or via Skype, Kyle will meet with you and give you an opportunity to deliver your upcoming presentation in a safe, professional, environment. 


After which you will receive constructive feedback on your content & delivery; including what you did well and where you can improve moving forward...


From there, you and Kyle will work together to make your presentation as good as it can possibly be!    

What else is included? 

Depending on what package you choose (see further below) you can expect: 

Learning Materials


 Including PDFs and video tutorials explaining skills within public speaking, ranging from preparation to persuasion.

Complete Online Support


 Providing guidance, answering any concerns and helping you prepare mentally before your BIG presentation.  

Written Evaluations


 Highlighting the strengths of your presentation, where you can improve and providing actionable next steps. 

Masterclass Workshop


 Opportunity to attend Kyle's Masterclass workshop, where you can learn key public speaking skills in a group environment. 

What Do Clients Say? 

Packages & Prices 

Bronze Package  

1 Personal Training Session 

Limited Access to Learning Materials 


Silver Package 

3 Personal Training Sessions

Full Access to Learning Materials

1 Written & detailed Speech Evaluation 


Gold Package 

5 Personal Training Sessions


Full Access to Learning Materials


3 Written Evaluations


Online Personal Support


Masterclass Workshop   


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Postal: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR