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Team Training
Their Potential is Waiting. 

Team Training Explained in 2 Minutes!

What You Can Expect

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Skills Sessions


 Based on your team's specific needs and wants, sessions will be created to help your team excel when they present.  

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Practice Sessions


 Your team members will have an opportunity to put their new skills into practise and receive quality feedback from Kyle. 

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Follow-up Sessions


 Programmes include strategically placed follow-up, to ensure your team is  making their new skills a habit.

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1-2-1 Coaching


 Kyle will work with your team members 121, helping them prepare and practise for upcoming high-stake presentations.   

The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaki

Clients Are Also Entitled to a Copy of Kyle's New 5-Star Book 

Team Training Programmes

If you are looking for your team to make high-quality presentation skills a habit for life, you are in the right place. 

Our long-term, transformative programmes help each of your team members master the art of public speaking - leading to you achieving more of your company's pitching/presenting objectives.  


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Skills Session (x1)

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Practice Session (x1)

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Follow up Session (x1)

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Copies of '5 Pillar' Book



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Skills Session (x2)

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Practice Session (x2)

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Follow Up Session (x2)

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Copies of '5 Pillar' Book

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121 Coaching (x4)


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Aberdeen University


“Due to Kyle’s workshop, the quality of the presentations the Masters students made for their assessment was the best I have seen during the history of the course.


Thank you, Kyle, for your excellent work and unrivalled presentation.”


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Microsoft Ireland


"Kyle delivered training for our company and his presentation skills were highly appreciated. He is a great speaker, and his style of giving information/ training is super engaging.


Great attitude, great presentation, looking forward to collaborating again in the future."



Renewi PLC 


"Kyle delivered public speaking training for our managers team. His own presentation skills were first class and his style of training is super engaging.


My team were engaged and excited to gain more confidence when presenting. Kyle has a great attitude and we are looking forward to collaborating again."


Some of Kyle's Clients

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