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Keynote Speaking 

Benefits of Kyle's Keynotes

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 Good keynotes are enjoyed. Great keynotes inspire action.

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 What do you want to achieve? Kyle's keynote is designed around your answer. 

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 Delegates are important, but your business goals are too.

How it Works 

Do you know what the difference between motivation and inspiration is...? 

Motivation is telling people what to do, inspiration is showing them how to achieve it.

Kyle's keynotes are firmly on the inspirational side of the equation. If you work with him your delegates will receive practical skills, inspiring stories, and quality resources that will compel them to take action.  

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Popular Keynotes

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Perfect for virtual conferences, delegates will learn how to build trust, rapport and project confidence on camera.  

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Based on the soon-to-be-released audiobook, 'The 5 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking' will transform your delegates speaking skills.  

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There are 3 key reasons people have a fear of public speaking. Kyle will cover them, while showing your delegates how to find their confidence.  


All great public speakers possess five key skills which fundamentally make them stand out from the rest.

Your delegates will learn how to master these skills, in turn allowing them to win more business, communicate effectively, and develop their confidence.

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The 5 Pillars

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Finding Your Confidence

Mindset, Skills, and Exposure ...

People have a fear of public speaking because they are struggling in one of these 3 areas.


Your delegates will discover how to blast past their fears through developing a strong mindset, learning key skills and having the opportunity to practice in a positive environment.


Speaking to Camera

The ability to speak effectively to camera has never been more necessary than right now! 

Your delegates will discover skills and techniques which will help them ace online presentations/meetings and video content creation. 

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Kyle would be delighted to talk to you, there is no cost to exploring your options. 


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