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Presentations Skills Training

that will help you 


☑️ Overcome your speaking nerves.  

☑️Engage your audience from start to finish.

☑️ Win more sales and business pitches. 

☑️ Transform your team into confident presenters. 

Find out how below.  

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Kyle Murtagh

CEO of Confidence By Design


121 Coaching Client 

Hear how Copywriter, Jackie Dunn overcame her speaking nerves and now speaks with confidence on camera. 

Team Training Client

Claire Topkins speaks about the presentation skills programme Kyle delivered to 60 members of her team across the UK!  

Keynote Talk Client

Tosin Ogunlesi talks about the powerful affect Kyle's keynote left on the delegates at the I AM BLACK Conference. 

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Whether you're preparing for a business pitch, TED talk, workshop or corporate meeting, Kyle's unique 1-2-1 coaching can help you maxmise your presentations potential.


1-2-1 Coaching

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Imagine if your team could speak with power, personality and confidence in every presentation. Kyle's team training programmes make this possible. 


Team Training

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If you want delegates to remember your conference and come back next year, they need to have an unforgettable 'Aha' moment. Kyle's keynotes are bursting with those.




Why is Kyle's Training Different?




As a dyslexic, Kyle hates unnecessary, complicated techniques. Everything Kyle teaches will be easy to implement, even under pressure.



During Kyle's workshops, the audience does most of the talking! That's because they will always be involved with questions, group discussions and mock presentations.



Kyle has experience in stand up and impromptu comedy, so there will be laughter, excitement and lots of fun while learning.      

⬇️ FREE Presentation Skills Training video below ⬇️

4 Strategies for Overcoming Speaking Nerves

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