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2023 Webinar Library

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Imagine if you could revisit any of our past webinars with a single click... 


  You no longer need to imagine, below you will find all of our past membership webinars; dating back to January 2023. 

Catch up, revisit and learn in your own time!

January 2023: 
The Art of Facilitation 

Set your meeting up for success, handle difficult personalities and inspire action. 

This game-changing workshop will show you how. 

February 2023: 
Gesture Mastery  

Unlock the power of your gestures through

avoiding bad habits, conveying your emotions and bringing your stories to life.    

March 2023: 
Own the Face-to-Face Stage 

 This workshop will show you how to plan, practice and set-up your in-person presentation for success.   

New Webinar Recording with be published every month! 

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