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Case Study 
Perspective Building Consultancy.  


"The Training was fantastic - loved it!" 

Team member



"Highly interactive and well presented!" 

Team member


Scott Spittal.webp


Director of Perspective 


"My team were feeling FAR more confident after Kyle's day session, even being able to give an 8-minute presentation with minimal prep time!"



"This course helped my confidence A LOT!" 

Team member



"I learned so much in just one day!" 

Team member


- The Brief -

Scott was looking for a fast-paced, comprehensive day session for his sales team. The goal was to help increase their speaking confidence when pitching/interacting with clients. 



Confidence Q1.png

Benchmark 'Confidence' scores before the course began. 

Based on the data obtained above, we agreed that the best path forward would be to cover the key skills associated with great presenting in the morning and to give each team member (6 in total) an opportunity to deliver an 8 minute presentation in the afternoon.

- The Result -

As you can see below, one day's training caused a massive increase in perceived public speaking confidence, 75% to be exact:  


Q2 Confidence.JPG

Benchmark 'Confidence' scores after the course finished. 

The data also showed a 92% increase in 'speaking competence' and 100% of team members rated the course 10/10.


Furthermore, in the months after the training Scott also shared that the team are presenting more effectively and winning more pitches.     

Could your team benefit from this course? 

Whether you have a team of 6 or 600, Kyle can provide tailored options that will help maximise your team's public speaking potential.


Express your interest via clicking the button below.  


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