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2022 Webinar Library
Watch On Demand. 

Imagine if you could revisit any of our past webinars with a single click... 


  You no longer need to imagine, below you will find all of our past membership webinars; dating back to January 2022. 

Catch up, revisit and learn in your own time!

January 2022: 
Friends with the Lens 

Discover how to become comfortable, confident & creative 

when speaking to the lens. 

February 2022: 
Vocal Mastery  

Unlock the power of your voice 

through the tonalities of certainty, understanding, excitement and mystery!    

March 2022: 
Sell Without Selling  

Explore the two paths you can take that will allow you to

sell without becoming 'salesy'. 

April 2022: 
Boring to Spellbinding  

Transform your 'boring' topic into a gripping presentation 

by making your audience care. 

May 2022: 
The 5 Steps of Prep  

Discover how to prepare effectively so that you

strike gold in your presentation.

New webinar recordings will be added on a monthly basis. 

June 2022: 
Complex to Simple  

7 Strategies that will make any complex topic,

simple and easy to understand.  

July 2022: 
Viral Videos   

Learn the strategy, style and speaking skills required

to create viral videos that attract new clients. 

August 2022: 
Nerves of Steel   

4 Powerful Strategies that will help you feel impervious

to presentation butterflies.   

September 2022: 
The Power of Words   

Discover how to create powerful imagery, coin profound phrases

and deliver memorable messages with your words. 

October 2022: 
5 Ways to Engage   

5 ways to engage your audience through a presentation

that are inspired by movies.    

November 2022: 
Emotive Storytelling   

Craft a powerful emotional story with this speech structure - 

it will touch your audiences hearts and change their minds! 


December 2022: 
Paid for the Stage    

 Secure paid speaking opportunities by following 

the 4 key strategies in this webinar.    

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