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Case Study 
Renewi Management Team   


"I look forward to presentations now!" 

Team member



"Kyle's course was extremely useful for me!" 

Team member



Kevin Bell 

Renewi Contract Director


"The quality of my team's presentations have drastically improved. I can't recommend Kyle's course enought!"



"This gave me a real confidence boost!" 

Team member



"The opportunity to practice was game-changing!" 

Team member


- The Brief -

Kevin was looking to help is management team feel more confident when presenting to Renewi's board of directors. Many members of the team had little presentation experience so they needed to quickly up their game.    




Benchmark 'Confidence' scores before the course began. 

Based on the data obtained above, we agreed that the best path forward would be for Kevin's managers to experience a mix of learning presentations skills and practising. 

Thus, first we did a Skills Session, where the team learned how to present with confidence, structure presentations and prepare effectively. Two weeks later, each Manager took part in a Practice Session, where they delivered a 5 minute presentation and received personal feedback.    

- The Result -

As you can see below, the course caused a significant increase in perceived public speaking confidence, 42% to be exact.  



Benchmark 'Confidence' scores after the course finished. 

The data also showed a 45% increase in 'speaking competence' and 100% of team members rated the course 10/10.


Furthermore, in the months after the training Kevin also shared that the team are presenting far more effectively and the board of directors were very impressed.      

Could your team benefit from this course? 

Whether you have a team of 6 or 600, Kyle can provide tailored options that will help maximise your team's public speaking potential.


Express your interest via clicking the button below.  


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