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Imagine if you could revisit any of our past webinars with a single click... 


  You no longer need to imagine, below you will find all of our past membership webinars; dating back to January 2021. 

Catch up, revisit and learn in your own time!

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2021 Webinar Library
Never Miss a Session. 

January 2021: 
Own the Virtual Stage 

Maximize your 'home' advantage

by improving your virtual set-up, delivery and audience interactions.  

February 2021: 
Share Your Story  

Unlock the power of your personal story

so that you can build connection, credibility and trust with your audience.    

March 2021: 
Selling While Presenting 

Discover the 3 steps

that will help you sell effectively and professional to any audience.  

April 2021: 
Finding the Funny  

Disarm and then charm 

your audience by creating moments of zestful laughter.  

May 2021: 
PowerPoint to Make a Point 

Make your point

with slick, clear and impactful slides that are easy to design. 

June 2021: 
Mindset for Speaking Success  

Lose the fear of speaking

and develop a mindset that has your best interest at heart. 

July 2021: 
World Class Webinars 

Learn how to plan, practice and deliver

a webinar that causes change to those who experience it. 

August 2021: 
Connect to Affect   

Open the door

to your audience's hearts and minds with the 4 keys of connection.

September 2021: 
Improvise with Style 

Be at your best when there's no time to prepare

and it happens to be showtime.  

October 2021: 
Body Language Mastery   

Express Confidence, Competence and Infectious Passion Without Saying

Even One Word.

November 2021: 
Handling the Demanding 

When the Room's Against You,

Turns Things Around So By the End They Miss You

December 2021: 
End with Power   

4 Powerful Ending That Will Make Your Audience

Feel, Think and Act on Your Words.  

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