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The Benefits of Corporate Team Presentation Skills Training

No matter what industry you work in, there is one thing that every member of your team will need to do: communicate!

Whether this means: 

  • Performing in a sales role

  • Running internal meetings

  • Presenting information to directors or external stakeholders

  • Facilitating events for clients

Public speaking confidence helps your team perform better across the board. 

But there are lots more benefits that come with corporate presentation skills training than that. 

Here are my top four. 

It brings your team together 

In my training courses, the final session allows each participant to deliver a presentation to the group. It usually lasts five minutes and can be about any topic they like. 

What’s interesting about these sessions is that even though this is corporate team training, the presentations delivered are usually personal. People will often open up about their health, hobbies, or passions. 

When they do talk about work, it is usually around organisational changes or challenges they are experiencing; topics that would never come up with team members on a day-to-day basis. 

This helps to bring your team together and build rapport as they are connecting on a much more personal level, rather than just talking about work all the time. 

Participants get peer-to-peer feedback

One of the best parts of the presentation delivery section is that every participant doesn’t just get individual feedback from me; they get it from each other, too. 

It’s a rare opportunity to get group feedback from colleagues about how you come across in a presentation setting.

The feedback will focus on what each person is doing well, which helps to build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively. But it will also highlight points for improvement. 

For example, if a member of your team is coming across as too blunt, they can take this on board and improve all of their communication, including in emails and 1-2-1 conversations.

It helps you achieve targets

As a team leader, your focus is on the work you are doing within the company. When you’re inside the frame, it can be hard to see the full picture. 

This includes being able to objectively view how your team is communicating. Corporate presentations skills training provides an outside perspective on how your team is performing, be it in pitches or speaking to clients which can be truly priceless. 

Whether you want your team to achieve more sales, land more contracts, secure investments, or simply run more engaging meetings - the training sessions will tailored around reaching your goals.

Improve confidence and competence

Finally, a key benefit of corporate team presentation skills training is that your employees will feel far better about any public speaking they need to do in the future. 

Participants in my courses typically experience a 62% increase in confidence and a 57% increase in presentation competence. 

Giving your team members the opportunity to excel at something they never thought they could do will have a massive impact on their professional potential. They will have new ambition and be more willing to take courageous steps in their career, which will make them an essential part of wider business growth. 

Every member of your team can become a confident, clear, and compelling communicator. They might just need a bit of help to get there. 

With my bespoke Team Training, we can design high-energy, interactive educational sessions around your business needs, and include practice sessions where each participant gets the experience of delivering a 5-minute presentation in front of a group, plus detailed feedback from me and their colleagues. 

I’ve previously delivered this training to companies including Microsoft, SSE, Aegon, and Vodafone - and I’d love to come and help your team too. 

To find out more, visit the Team Training page on my website, or get in touch to book in a call to discuss your requirements. 

Their potential is waiting.

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