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The Confidence Club is a self-development group that helps you become an exceptional public speaker and virtual speaker.

Learn how it works in 2 minutes

Sessions are held on the 2nd & 3rd Thursday of the month from 12 - 1 pm (GMT).

All levels of ability are welcome to join - we all start somewhere!  

What to Expect Every Month

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Interactive Workshop


 Fun, educational online sessions focusing on different aspects of public speaking and camera confidence.  

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Showtime Thursday


 An opportunity for you to practice and receive quality feedback by delivering a prepared presentation to the group.

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Networking Opportunities


 We hold 'Networking Parties' where you build strong relationships and you can stay connected on our LinkedIn group page. 

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Membership Resources


 Access full webinar recordings from January 2021, alongside 1-page PDF's that cover different public speaking topics. 

Upcoming Webinars




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 Craft a speech that moves your audience emotionally and challenges them to create positive change.     

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 Discover the 3 PowerPoint principles that will take your slideshow to a whole new level.      




 There are 7 types of questions you could be asked. This workshop will show you how to answer them with style.   

What Members Say


Web & Graphic Designer


Transformational Therapist


Membership Options

Two payment plans are available for those who are serious about enhancing their presentation skills on a consistent basis.


The 'On Demand' plan allows you to watch the club's educational sessions in your own time -  it's perfect if you can't commit to attending regularly. 


The 'Live' plan gives you the opportunity to attend the sessions, present to the group and receive world-class feedback.  

On Demand

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Webinar Recording (Monthly)

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1- Page PDF (Monthly)

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Access Workshop Library 

( 20 + Recordings)

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Access PDF Resources

(20 + Downloadable files)

£22 Per Month


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Attend Interactive Webinars 

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Attend Showtime Thursday 

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Networking Parties 

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All Membership Resources

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15% Off 121 Coaching

£45 Per Month

Monthly payment is not the only option for Confidence Club Membership. If preferred, annual payments can be accepted as well.


Contact Kyle for more information.  

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