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Select a Webinar Below.

Boring to Spellbinding

Watch how Kyle turns a presentation about a brick into an exciting, engaging and inspiration experience.

Complex to Simple

If you're presenting numbers, graphs or complex information you need to watch this! 

Emotive Storytelling

Facts tell, stories sell and emotive storytelling compels the audience to take action. 

5 C's of Compelling Stories

Discover the key ingredients to crafting compelling stories about you, your work or your passions.  

Download 1 Page PDF

Handling the Demanding

An angry room, a flat audience and difficult questions. Learn how to handle them all! 

The Power of Words

Words crafted in the right way can be remembered by an audience for a life-time.  

5 Ways to Engage

Have your audience hooked from start to finish with these 5 unique techniques.

Sell Without Selling

Sell your ideas in a subtle way so that your audience feel uncomfortable and ultimately say 'yes'.   

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